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Lafayette Mendel House

18 Trumbull Street


Lafayette Mendel House, 2016.

This Italianate house, designed by New Haven’s greatest nineteenth century architect Henry Austin, was the home of scientist and Yale professor Lafayette Benedict Mendel from 1900 to 1924. Beginning in 1909, he conducted joint research with Thomas B. Osborne of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, discovering the nutritive value of proteins and vitamins, including the study of Vitamin A, Vitamin B, lysine and tryptophan.

He was one of the first tenured Jewish professors at Yale University and the first Jew to be named a Sterling Professor, Yale’s most prestigious faculty appointment. He was the first president of the American Institute of Nutrition and was inducted into the National Academy of Sciences in 1913. The house was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1976.

  • Text source courtesy Jewish Historical Society of Greater New Haven Archives.

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