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Curry’s Confectionery

269 Dixwell Avenue


Curry’s Confectionery. Courtesy New Haven Preservation Trust.

The Curry Sweet Shop was a very popular institution in the Dixwell Avenue area. James and Ethel Curry were the owners. Curry’s Sweet Shop (about 1919–1950) was located at 172 Dixwell Avenue and later moved to 269 Dixwell Avenue. The Currys earned a reputation for some of the best homemade candy, ice cream and roasted nuts. Peter Paul candy makers attempted to purchase their candy recipes but the Currys refused to sell.

James and Ethel Curry supplied candy to many local merchants who sold the Curry’s candy as their own. Some of these merchants required that the Currys deliver their candy in the evening so that their patrons would not know that the original candy maker was Black. The Currys also operated a seasonal candy stand on Beach Street at Savin Rock in West Haven, CT.

  • Text source courtesy Greater New Haven African American Historical Society.

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