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Consiglio's Restaurant

165 Wooster Street


Consiglio’s Restaurant, c. 1950s. Courtesy Consiglio's.

Annunziata and Salvatore Consiglio probably never expected that 78 years after they opened a small, neighborhood Italian restaurant that their grandchildren and even their great grandchildren would continue their legacy.

After emigrating to the Wooster Street area from Amalfi, Italy, Annunziata and Salvatore opened “The Big Apple Restaurant” steps away from their home on Wooster Street and enlisted the help of their eight children to operate the restaurant. As the family worked long hours as chefs, hosts, bartenders, waiters, kitchen help and everything in between, the restaurant’s good reputation and popularity grew, extending beyond the neighborhood and becoming a New Haven favorite. When New Haven’s redevelopment program forced the restaurant to move from its original location, the family changed the name to “Consiglio’s” and moved across the street to its current address. The New York Times-reviewed restaurant remains in the Consiglio Family to this day.

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