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Lucibello’s Pastry Shop

474 Chapel Street

(demolished, currently at 935 Grand Avenue)

Lucibello’s Pastry Shop, c. 1950s. Courtesy Peter Faggio.

Lucibello’s Pastry Shop was founded in 1929 by Frank Lucibello, originally from Amalfi, Italy. It was a very popular bakery in the Wooster Square area specializing in French as well as Italian pastries and cakes. A close childhood friend of Frank Lucibello, Andrew Faggio, also from Amalfi asked him to give a job to his ten year old son, Frank. Frank continued working at Lucibello’s until he took over the bakery from Lucibello in 1958. When urban renewal came through the area in the 1960s, Lucibello’s was forced to relocate the bakery to its present location on 935 Grand Avenue where it continues to operate under the management of Frank Faggio’s son Peter.

  • Text source courtesy Peter Faggio.

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